Royalty Game Report - 29th June 2011
Subject: Royalty Game Report - 29th June 2011
Send date: 2011-06-29 16:52:18
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Royalty Game Report - 29th June 2011

Summary of Royalty Salmon Catches 2011 Season to Date  






Method, Lure etc.


 11th March

 29lb Cock

 Paul Robinson


 Luncheon Meat!


 24th March

 25lb Hen

 David Browse

 Jack's Corner

 Gary Dog


 3rd April

 14lb Hen

 Steve Mitchell

 Jack's Corner

 Black Tadpole


 5th April

 12lb Hen

 John Sutton


 Black Pot Bellied  Pig


 7th April  19lb  Fred Whitlock

 Jack's Corner

 Torrish Morangie


 7th April  21lb  Andrew Dunk  Edwards  Black Tadpole


 7th April  13lb Hen  Elaine Savage  Edwards   TBC


 10th April  14lb Hen  Steve Mitchell  Pipes  Black Tadpole


 14th April  13lb Hen  Chris Pearson  Hayters  Willie Gunn


 14th April  13lb Hen  Fred Whitlock  Jack's Corner  Torrish Morangie


 15th April  19lb Hen  Gordon Downing  Jack's Corner  Black Tube Fly


 20th April  20lb  Gordon Downing  Jack's Corner  Willie Gunn


 12th May   12lb Hen  Chris Pearson  Parlour  Goldhead Nymph


 14th May  13lb Hen  Jason Lewis  Jacks Corner  Black Nymph


 15th May  17lb Cock  Ryan Mitchell  Compound  Mepps


 15th May  15lb Hen  Steve Mitchell Trammels  Mepps


 15th May  12lb Hen  Fred Whitlock  Parlour  Nymph


 15th May   14lb Hen  Andy Waddon  Lower Water  Devon Minnow


 18th May   10lb Cock  Andrew Dunk  Harrigans  Devon Minnow


 22nd May  14lb Hen  Steve Mitchell  Fiddlers (W)  Mepps


 23rd May  8lb Cock  Mick Ruddock  Edwards  Devon Minnow


 23rd May  17lb Cock  Mick Ruddock  Edwards  Devon Minnow


 27th May  12lb Hen  Gary Perks  Edwards  Devon Minnow


 27th May  14lb Cock  Gary Perks  Fiddlers (W)  Devon Minnow


 30th May  18lb Cock  John New  Jack's Corner  Mepps


 30th May  17lb Cock  John Dennis  Parlour  Nymph


 1st June  13lb Hen  Dennis Savage  Jack's Corner  Mepps


 7th June  8lb Hen  Dr David Solomon  Jack's Corner  Mepps


 8th June  12lb Cock  Andrew Johnson  Edwards  Mepps


 14th June  10lb Hen  Pat Harkin  Parlour  Nymph


 29th June  20lb Hen  Andrew Dunk  Point  Shrimp


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