Royalty Fishery Report - 17th. June 2011
Subject: Royalty Fishery Report - 17th. June 2011
Send date: 2011-06-18 08:43:17
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Royalty Fishery Report - 17th June 2011

Well after all the anticipation building up over the past three months, the rivers were finally reopened to us coarse anglers on Thursday. It was typical after months of dry weather we finally got the rain the rivers so desperately needed, the only issue was it coincided with the start of the new season. Typical!

Having said that, the traditional opening day queue for tickets started around 4am and had built to around fourty anglers before we finally opened the doors at 7:30 sharp. Considering the weather you all deserved a medal for dedication to river angling. It took around twenty minutes to issue everyone with tickets, tackle and bait for the Royalty, Throop and even the Lower Stour but eventually everyone was on their way and we could relax for a while before the late risers reached the shop!

To be fair the weather did improve somewhat and there were spells when it didn't actually rain but the wind continued to prove awkward when trying to present a bait effectively. Despite all this the fish did feed and a number of barbel were reported from around the fishery but virtually all of them were in the 7-9lb bracket with only a single double reported so far. That was an 11lb 11oz specimen landed by local angler Shaun Miller who used Pallatrax Squabs in Elixer 6 flavour to tempt the fish.

Shaun Miller with the first reported double from the Royalty this season weighing 11lb 11oz

Mr Drinkwater fished the Compound and had a mixed bag which included three barbel to 9lb 7oz, bream to 5lb plus and chub to two pounds. All fish falling to 8mm fruit flavoured boilies. Josh Dare had an enjoyable days sport on the feeder catching several good bream and roach to 1lb as well as enjoying a brief but powerful encounter with a barbel that took exception to being hooked. Another angler had a big catch of bream averaging around 5-6lbs appiece but unfortunately I have no further details available to me.

Rob Martin from Ferndown fished the old White Stile swim using maggot feeder tactics during the worst of the weather on Friday - and boy was that bad - and was justly rewarded with a new PB chub weighing 7lb 1oz . Rob, whose previous best chub came from the same swim several years ago, said that the chub was in perfect condition.

Many of you will have read the exploits of the infamous Jeff Edisbury from Bright*n over the past few years on here and, knowing he was down for a few days, might be expecting some particularly amusing story about him. Well unfortunately he has kept his head down and there is nothing to report about him other than he blanked on opening day. Unlike his better half Cat who had a barbel on the bank before Jeff had even stopped talking for the first time since he woke up. At 8lb 3oz it wasn't a monster, but at least Cat landed a barbel,  unlike Jeff...

Cat shows Jeff how it should be done with this 8lb 3oz barbel

Well thats about all the reports I have managed to glean so far but if anyone has any further catch reports and pictures I would be most grateful and include them in the next report.



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