Royalty Fishery Report - 20th. February 2011
Subject: Royalty Fishery Report - 20th. February 2011
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Royalty Fishery Report - 20th. February 2011

Welcome to, what has inadvertantly become one of the rarest of events in fishing, a new Royalty Report. Having persuaded Dave Basher to take on writing these reports back in October he managed a couple before deciding that Dorset was too cold and he buggered off to tour the far east. Apparently he is currently in India but is shortly moving on to Thailand.That and a multitude of other reasons this report is the first since the big freeze last year when, a lack of anglers fishing the river meant that there was little to report on. Hopefully things will get back on track now.

What was interesting was that, unlike during the recent run of mild winters, when the water temperature finally rose this year, the barbel responded as they are supposed to and went on a feeding spree with plenty of good barbel landed from most areas of the fishery. Unsurprisingly the majority of barbel fell to luncheon meat with moving baits outperforming static presentations but maggot feeder also took a number of fish. As well as all the traditional good winter areas, there have been plenty of doubles taken from the top end of the Piles including fish to 14lbs. Harrigans through to the Nursery has also produced numbers of good bags of barbel.

The number of chub taken has also been a plesant surprise with bags of up to eight fish taken in a session with fish to over six pounds landed from around the fishery. One angler had a cracking days sport on the float fishing just below the Railway landing a number of pristine condition chub. It's great to be able to report an increasing number of this species throughout the fishery.

Every year the dace and roach seem to disappear over winter, only returning when the temperature increases in the Spring. This year has been no different but one angler reported a brace of good roach from the Boathouse on punched bread with the best weighing 2lb 4oz.

The pike fishing has been excellent with 28 pike over 20lbs reported from the Royalty, best weighing 28lb 12oz. The most successful areas have been the Little Weir, Parlour, Railway and above the Bypass Bridge with livebaiting the most productive method. Lure fishing was also productive with the best recorded weighing 26lbs exactly. (Please note that lure fishing has now ended on the Royalty for this season as salmon fishing has now commenced)

For those anglers who enjoy bream fishing, sport was rather quiet until the last week or so when they have started to show in catches from the Piles and the Parlour. 

Jason Lewis with a 20lb lure caught pike

Jason Lewis, MD of Southern Fisheries had a great afternoons sport using a multi jointed lure that he had only been showing off to us in the shop earlier that day. He ended up with five pike, the biggest shown above weighed exactly 20lbs.

Jason's daughter Katlyn showing that she too can catch pike on the Royalty 

Not to be outdone his daughter Katlyn was also amongst the fish with this lively pike that gave her a great scrap!

Basher landed this 7lb 10oz barbel when on his own An 8lb 10oz barbel again by Basher
Basher caught 7lb 4oz Jed Place landed a number of barbel during January including this plump 11lb 5oz specimen

 During the cold weather those anglers who braved the banks were often successful in landing fish but, with no-one else on the banks the photo's provided were inevitably of fish lying on unhooking mats. The examples above are a small selection of those fish caught and recorded by several anglers who stuck it out. Special mention must go to Jed Place who had a number of barbel in these circumstances and the one pictured above went 11lb 5oz. Most of these fish were taken from Fiddlers on rolling meat. The others were landed by part time Davis Tackle employee Dave Basher who has forgone the recent excellent sport on the Royalty to mess around with his misses in warmer climes. He must be mad!

Jon Perkins took time off from working at Davis Tackle to land a new pb barbel weighing 13lb 12oz whilst feeder fishing for silver fish!

Many of you will recognise Jon Perkins who has worked at Davis Tackle for more years than we have owned the business took last Wednesday off to spend the day pike fishing on the Piles. He set up a light feeder outfit to try and catch some livebait and the first fish he landed was a near 5lb chub! His second fish was this magnificent 13lb 12oz barbel which put up a superb fight on his light gear. He then went on to land a string of bream all around the 4lb+ mark. Sport was that good that he didn't even bother with the pike!  

Shawn Spires landed this 11lb barbel from Greenbanks on rolling meat

Shawn Spires has spent some time mastering rolling meat and was finally rewarded with capturing this lovely double from Greenbanks using the method. The barbel weighed exactly 11lbs. Out of interest, the last time I fished with Shawn was back in the Summer when we enjoyed a great days gudgeon fishing from the punt on Redmire. Whilst I'm not certain Shawn shares my love for the wee beasties but no doubt the experience helped him in handling one of thier bigger cousins.

Christina Wilkins landed a new pb pike weighing 18lb 12oz Christina with her first ever barbel weighing around the pound mark. She was being guided by cult Royalty angler Jeff Edisbury

Christina Wilkins recently joined RDAA and shown that she is more than up to catching fish from the Royalty. Having a preditor fishing mad boyfriend meant that pike were an obvious target and she landed this cracking 18lb 12oz example right in front of him! She also caught this pristine wee barbel under the guidence of Royalty Inn legend Jeff Edisbury who was down in Christchurch again for a few days sport. Unbelivevably Jeff actually managed to catch barbel on every day of his trip including, for him, an amazing six fish in a single session on the Friday. No doubt part of this success was due to him having had a days guiding with Chris Holley on his previous trip down here. Chris showed him how to roll meat and Jeff must have listened considering his subsequent success. I'm sure Jeff did send me some pictures but I can't really be arsed to go searching for them and I'm sure those of you who know him will be grateful for that.

John Stack with a barbel that weighed either 12lb 12oz or 14lbs!

No doubt many of you will recognise local angler John Stack who is equally adept rolling meat as he is trotting a float. He landed this fish from Foxes and the initial weighing showed the fish to be 14lb and a new pb for John. Having taken the photo's a quick re-weigh only showed 12lb 12oz on the scales which resulted in a degree of head scratching after the fish had been safely returned.  How could the fish have dropped 1lb 4oz in a few minutes? Checking the scales they pulled smoothly round to 12lb 12oz where they stopped before a click was heard and the needle carried on round the scale! Realising that the scales had almost certainly malfunctioned on the second weighing, it would only take a few seconds to re-weigh the fish and sort out an accurate weight. Except the fish had been returned....

We will never know just what that fish did weigh!

Shaun Miller with yet another double figure pike pike weighing 17lb 2oz

You can see the frustration etched on Shaun Millers face as he yet again lands a good double which doesn't make twenty pounds. Shaun is on the fishery whatever the weather and you cannot fault his dedication (he can't get out of bed on time mind!) to pike and pike fishing. Unfortuneately he is just having one of those seasons where he can't quite get onto the big girls despite catching plenty of pike. Lets hope his luck changes when he fishes Chew Valley next month. 

Shaun and Josh enjoyed a hectic hours sport with the pike on the Royalty. Shaun's best went  16lb 5oz whilst Josh's went 15lb 5oz

Hectic sport with the pike for Shaun and Josh on the Royalty when the fish went on a mad feeding session.



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