Royalty Fishery News - Octobe 31st. 2010
Subject: Royalty Fishery News - Octobe 31st. 2010
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Royalty Fishery Report - 31st. October 2010

Following on from his universally acclaimed* Royalty Fishery Report for September I am pleased to report Dave Bashers return to the Davis Tackle website with his report on the fishing during October. The first thing that will strike you is the brevity of this report, it appears he is bored with writing it already. [You try doing them for seven years Basher!] Likewise the photo's don't necessarily relate to the text they are nearest to. Please 'hover' your mouse over any of the pictures to see the anglers name, weight of fish etc. Anyhow this is as good as it is going to get until things go back to normal so sit back and enjoy Dave's latest literary offering on fishing at the Royalty during October.


[*By Basher's mother and Gen]


The Royalty Fishery Report - October 31st. 2010 according to Dave Basher.


The serious lack of rain and very cool conditions have slowed the barbel fishing somewhat through October though for those that have persevered the rewards have been there..


The biggest barbel reported was landed by Ahmed Salem who finally broke his PB with a 14lb 2oz barbel taken at last knockings. Considering the number of barbel Ahmed has landed from the Royalty over the last couple of years I am surprised it has taken him this long to get over the 14lb barrier!

Congratulations Ahmed from all of us on your new 14lb 2oz PB barbel


Ahmed also landed a number of other barbel including yet another double weighing in at 10lb 14oz shown below.

Ahmed Salem and a 10lb 14oz barbel


Peter O'Connell also hooked into one of the Royalty's big barbel when he landed a 13lb 14oz from the House Pool. Congratulations to Peter on what is his new PB barbel.

Peter OConnell with his new PB weighing 13lb 14oz

Dennis Nye caught a lovely barbel of 12lb 4oz on a boilie before switching tactics later in the month to have a good couple of days catching the smaller barbel from the stumps on trotted maggot. The same area produced barbel of 5lb and 10lb 12oz on pellet for Kent based angler Keith Powell.

Paul Essenhigh with a lovely 14lb barbel from the Pipes landed on one of the few milder days 


With the river being so low and clear it came as quite a surprise to many that a lovely 12lb 8oz barbel fell to rolled meat for Bristol based Oliver Jones, his fish was caught at the bottom of fiddlers and made his day. 

Keith Powell with a 10lb 12oz barbel from the Stumps


Mugs hole produced a good days fishing for James Boydell who fished pellet to catch 4 barbel to 12lb 13oz, and a boilie approach scored for Tom Herbert on greenbanks where he caught a lovely 12lb 10oz specimen.

Stephen Smith looks pleased with this double figure barbel weighing 10lb 13oz


James Boydell with a lovely 12lb 13oz barbel from Fiddlers James Boydell and a 5lb barbel
James Boydell and a 6lb barbel, again from Fiddlers The successful anglers name is either Lee or Richard who were fishing with James that day. The barbel went 8lb 2oz


Chub to over six pounds continue to show in anglers returns but unfortunately we haven't received any pictures at the time of writing this report.


James Boydell with a 5lb 8oz chub Gary Truelove and a 4lb 4oz chub

The most consistent sport through October however has been the Pike fishing, which has been extremely good right from the start of the pike season. Local angler Shaun Miller only just missed out on yet another 20lb plus pike with this specimen weighing 19lb 7oz; unlucky Shaun!

Shaun Miller with a 19lb 7oz pike caught on a deadbait.



Nigel bumped into new member of Ringwood DAA Bob Watts last week and was chatting to him whilst he was fishing the Railway slack. The conversation was interrupted when Bob's float slid away and after a superb fight he finally banked a pike which took his scales to their limit and was estimated by Nigel to be 25-26lbs. This fish took a floatfished smelt deadbait.

Bob Watts with his new PB pike of approx. 26lb

Loads of jack pike, plenty of doubles and for those lucky enough a helping of 20 pounders have been gracing the bank.  The largest reported pike so far has been 28lb 6oz  with another estimated at 26lb also reported.


All the usual haunts have been producing pike, with the Little Weir, Top Weir Compound, Railway, Piles and House pool all producing plenty of fish.. Jason Lewis had a day in the Top Weir Compound, fishing lures with two friends and they managed 9 pike up to high doubles. Jason also had a day on the main river catching 3 doubles from the mouth of the Little Weir and a lovely 18 pounder from Watersmeet.

Gary Truelove with a 14lb 8oz pike from below the Little Weir


England Rugby legend Richard Hill MBE and his wife Claire spent a day pike fishing and managed to catch a couple of fish but possibly the highlight was watching a kingfisher feeding, a picture of which was captured by Claire. [Ed's note: I trust that wasn't a gudgeon that it took!]


Richard Hill with a nice pike Claire-Hill-pike


A Kingfisher in flight with its next meal firmly clasped in its beak. Great photo Claire!


Young Bradley Evans had a couple of Jacks before he latched into a cracking pike of 19lb 7oz on live baits in the House pool,  this pool also produced a nice pike of 12lb 8 oz for Edgware based Robert Mcgloin.


Mr Drinkwater from Slough had a great day’s lure fishing all over the fishery and managed 6 pike to 14lb all of which he saw taking the lures and surface plugs ( great sport)


The mouth of the Little Weir produced a great pike of 19lb 3oz on a spinner bait  to Tony Godwin from Winchester and Lee Harrison from Sidcup lure fished the railway pool to bag a stunning specimen of 20lb 1oz which will probably be closer to 25lbs later in the year as it was really empty..


Pike fisherman are still having great sport on live baits and lures and the barbel anglers… well ……Keep persevering…!!!


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