Royalty Fishery News- 30th. September 2010
Subject: Royalty Fishery News- 30th. September 2010
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Royalty Fishery Report - 30th. September 2010

Hi and welcome to this much overdue Royalty fishery Report for September. Circumstances conspired to keep me too busy during the last couple of months and unfortunately the writing of the reports suffered. In order to get things up to date I took the decision to outsource the production of the Royalty Reports for September and October to local angler and celebrity chef Dave Basher. Well what can I say? his writing style has a tendency to be a tad flowery, he hasn't got a clue about punctuation and he would far rather be out fishing rather than writing these reports. Still he's the best I've got so here we go. Enjoy!


The Royalty Fishery Report - September 30th. 2010 according to Dave Basher.


As is the case with most rivers through the month of September the barbel fishing proved bountiful with lots of anglers enjoying the royalty’s highly prized rewards. Plenty of double figure barbel graced the banks as well as good chub large bream, perch and silver fish a plenty…

Ally Wood with a lovely 3lb 1oz perch


The Bridge Pool fished very consistently with most anglers enjoying great sport with large dace, good sea trout, perch and roach regularly making up good mixed bags for those lucky enough to have the pool booked through September.


On the main river itself all the usual tactics worked with pellet and boilies being the most consistent baits, though it has been nice to see that more traditional baits like luncheon meat, sweet corn, maggot and caster have been scoring their fair share of captures as well. The largest barbel reported to date was landed by local angler Stuart Andrews who tempted a fantastic 15lb 10oz barbel from a swim on the lower section of the Royalty. Nice one Stu!

Stuart Andrews with a fantastic September barbel weighing 15lb 10oz


Ahmed Salem with a 9lb 15oz barbel which was left out of the previous report Ahmed and a 10lb 5oz caught just after the last Royalty Report



Twickenham based Rupert Geer caught a lovely barbel of 12lb 14oz which capped up a magical day for him in the parlour pool, a standard pellet approach was the downfall of this particular capture. The same method also scored for Peter Martin from Norton St Philips who managed barbel of 13lb 4oz and 9lb 6oz before agonisingly pulling out of one thought to be even larger on Trammels.


Mr Swain from Southampton landed a nice 10 pounder from Watersmeet on sweet corn and enjoyed his day on the Royalty so much that he wouldn’t mind moving to the area!  Just downstream at Harrigans, Pete Wilson caught 3 barbel to 11lb 2oz on boilie and paste combo.


Mr Starkey fished a couple of days in the Boathouse pool and caught 3 barbel to 9lb  fishing pellet in conjunction with a feeder, this pool also produced a picture perfect smaller barbel for local Mr. Heap later in the week.

Derek Turton with his new PB barbel of 13lb 3oz from the famous Pipes swim.


A secret boilie fished in the telegraphs was the downfall of a cracking 14lb 4oz barbel to Mr. Marston from Sevenoaks, whilst Roy Allcock managed a brace of 12 pounders also on an undisclosed bait.


The Pipes produced a few fish through September with local lad Pete Cronin catching a torpedo of a seven pounder and Mr. Hayes landing a superb specimen of 12lb 12oz.


Ru Geer with a lovely 12lb 14oz barbel from the Parlour Chris Allport took a day off from Throop to land this 12lb barbel from the Parlour
Steve Mitchell and a hard earned 12lb 2oz barbel from below Harrigans Trevor Ridley looks very happy with this 12lb 6oz barbel



There was loads of barbel up to 7/8 lbs caught through September with Alan Granger, Pete Cronin, Peter Swan and regular Richard Booty just a few to capitalise on the action..


Kevin Rice from Christchurch legered boilies for barbel of 9lb 8oz and a cracking thirteen pounder. 


Mr Hanks had a superb days fishing, catching 5 barbel topped with a brace of 12 pounders, 12lb 4oz and 12lb 8oz, and another angler to have a lovely brace was Roy Allcock  who started at Watersmeet with a 10 pounder before moving below the falls for a stunning barbel of 12lb 9oz. This area also produced a twelve pounder for Roy Lewis who fished hair rigged meat for his beauty.


Rob Herbert with a lovely sea trout of over 4lbs Sea-trout



Greenbanks produced plenty of fish with a ten pounder falling to Stephen Smith and Royalty regular PJ nailing a 12lb 1oz stunner. On the far bank at Harrigans, a 10mm pellet proved irresistible to a 12lb 2oz barbel for Steve Mitchell, and just downstream at the Railway pool pellet was also the downfall of a superb specimen of 13lb 4oz..


The chub fishing through September was also very good with plenty of fish in the 2 / 4 lb bracket for those who targeted the Royalty’s forgotten species. The best reported chub was caught by Mr. Tubb from Salisbury who netted a fine fish of 6lb 1oz as well as a few others and 5 bream to 8lb 2oz.Trevor Ridley caught 2 nice barbel to 12lb 6oz from Harrigans.  Whilst angling guide Chris Holley took advantage of the Top Weir Compound being free on the day to catch 5 barbel to 9lb between himself and his guest. Chris then returned the following day to catch 2 more, the biggest weighing 11lb 11oz.  Another angler to have a good couple of days in the Top Weir was Richard Shirlock, he managed five barbel of which three were doubles, both meat and pellet tactics were successful for Richard.

Richard Sherlock with the smallest barbel of his trip at 6lb-9oz Richard Sherlock with the first of his three doubles weighing 10lb 4oz.
At 10lb 14oz it's double number two for Richard Richard with his biggest barbel of the trip at exactly 11lbs. Cheer up Richard, three doubles deserves a smile!!

Can I take this opportunity to thank angling legend and celebrity chef Dave Basher for writing this report on behalf of all of us at Davis Tackle, It is much appreciated. To end this report it is only fair that I include a picture of Jeff Edisbury of Bright*n with his best catch from his last trip. Seeing as the weather was not exactly conducive to fishing, Jeff still seemed to spend most of his time at the Royalty. Unfortunately the Royalty he was in was the pub and not the fishery but, as you can see, at least he didn't blank!

Jeff Edisbury with the best fish of his session in the pub


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