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Mastery Bonefish
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Mastery Bonefish

( Scientific Angler )
Price per Unit (piece): £54.99

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish Fly Line
The Mastery Bonefish taper enables delicate, low-visibility deliveries to wary fish. It provides unmatched performance in tropical conditions.

Specialty Taper

* For delicate, low-visibility deliveries to wary fish
* Unmatched performance in tropical conditions
* Stiffer for fast shooting to distant fish
* Also excels for other tropical shallow-water species

Taper characteristics:
* Long belly, stiff core, and small overall diameter work together to extend casting range and increase accuracy
* Advanced taper improves line performance in the wind without compromising delivery
* Longer front taper helps deliver flies more delicately
* Larger diameter running line reduces memory and tangles
* Compound taper head turns over flies under the most demanding saltwater conditions
* Horizon color, although visible to anglers, blends into the sky and sea to become less visible to skittish fish

* Stiffer braided monofilament nylon, built with 3M Tropi-Core technology, for reduced tangling, better shooting, and superior overall performance in warmer saltwater environments

* Special higher-density 3M saltwater PVC formulated with patented AST – Advanced Shooting Technology


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