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ATTx V2 Receiver
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ATTx V2 Receiver

( Gardner )
Price per Unit (piece): £97.99

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After the phenominal success of the ATTx system released in 2004, the ATTx v2 was released in 2007. The V2 system not only refines and improves on the original V1, it also introduced a few new features as well as being developed and built to be forward compatible with future ATT products. The new system not only refines and improves on the original but also includes a number of new features:

  • New Soft Touch, non-reflective, rubberised finish on Receiver and Transmitters.
  • Improved Battery Life on Receiver and Transmitter - The Receiver is powered by a single AA Battery providing a battery life of up 3 weeks of normal use. The Transmitter is powered from a single GP11A battery lasting up to 1 season of normal use. Batteries are not included and are sold separately.
  • Low Battery Warning (very useful).
  • Mimics Alarm Beeps - The Receiver beeps at the same rate at which signals are received by the Transmitters from the buzzer output, thereby sounding anything from a single bleep to a full-blown 'one-toner'.
  • Improved Range and Performance - tested up to 500m under optimum bankside conditions.
  • Multiple Tone Selection on the Receiver - 10 different user selectable tones.
  • Improved Transmitter Design - Re-designed to offer a smaller battery recess cover. The electronic circuitry is encased in it's own watertight compartment to prevent the risk of water coming in, transmitter corrosion and any resultant malfunction.
  • Activation on all LEDs (for simultaneous runs).
  • Last LED Activation Recall.
  • Increased LED 'light Up' time - LED's will remain on for 40 seconds after the last buzzer signal is received from the transmitter.
  • Vibrate mode and Volume control.
  • Full 2 year ATT Warranty - please see the ATT website for full details.
  • Full Compatibility with new ATT products currently under development.
  • Available with 2.5mm or 3.5mm Jack Plugs.
  • Standard system comes with 5 different coloured LED's - Red, White, Blue, Green and Orange. An 'All Blue LED' system is also available at the same price. Systems can be customised by ATT to feature any combination of the above coloured LED's. This service is only available from ATT and is not available from any retailer. A handling charge will apply and the system will need to be sent back to ATT. Please contact ATT for full details - 01708 742020

Download the V2 ATTx Product Manual



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