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Mustad 32602R Aberdeen Match Hooks

  Strong, fine wire hook for small baits when fishing for small species Forged shank for amazing strength and holding power Ringed micro eye, knife ... find out more

Only: £2.99

Mustad 3260BLN Flatfish Hooks

  Extremely versatile all-round pattern, strong wire, nickel finish Ringed straight eye, kirbed round bend, ultra sharp point with micro barb Ideal for boat fishing ... find out more

Only: £2.49

Mustad 3261BLN Aberdeen Hooks

  Straight eye, black nickel finish, strong round bend, chemically sharpened needle point Hi-carbon wire for excellent strength to hook size characteristics Ideal for small ... find out more

Only: £2.49

Mustad 32811 Cod Hooks

  Micro eye and retaining barb on shank for easy and secure bait loading and presentation Forged bend for extra strength and holding power, ... find out more

Only: £2.99

Mustad 33751 Ultimate Bass Hooks

  Ultra sharp, knife edge point with micro barb for superb penetration at any range Forged for extra strength, black finished to blend in ... find out more

Only: £2.99

Mustad 34042BLN Power Worm Hooks

  Ultra sharp, chemically polished needle point for superb, clean penetration Twin bait holder barbs on upper shank to retain soft baits securely Black nickel ... find out more

Only: £2.99

Mustad 34043BLN Power Hooks

  The hook to choose if big fish or a hard fight over difficult ground is expected Perfect when wreck fishing for big specimens ... find out more

Only: £2.99

Mustad 488GR Crab Claw Hooks

  Specifically for use with crab, mussel and shellfish baits on flatfish, Bass and small cod Unique shank bend and turned up eye for ... find out more

Only: £2.49

Mustad 79514BR Barbless Tope and Ray Hooks

  Hi-carbon steel wire hook, round bend, straight eye, forged, knife edge point Superb strength and holding power for handling big fish Barbless point for ... find out more

Only: £2.99

Mustad 79515BR Viking Hooks

  The definitive multi-purpose sea hook, ideal for a wide range of fish and worm baits Hi-carbon steel wire, bronzed, straight eye, forged bend ... find out more

Only: £2.99

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